Friday, August 15, 2003

sup? i waz sic 2day. :-)
i dont know why i'm smiling but i am
thom is sic 2. ya
im goin bowlin 2nite and im goin 2 c american pie 3 2mozza nite. every1 sez it will roc on (cept thom, howie, chris, jo and david). i cant wait.
my horse is nonexistant.
2mozza i will sleep in till 7 or 10 or 8.
the end
luv lozza xox

Sunday, August 10, 2003

well hello dolly!
bin a while eh
well i dont think iv blogged since before jindy, so i should tell alll about that...
but i cant be bothered - maybe later.
sorry to all you fellow bloggers out there like joe and tom for being so slack bloggin. i seem to find more interestin things to do than to write about me.
maebashi students are cool - they play guitar and sing and stuff. i dont think they understand my mum - i fully dont blame em. she was talking about norfolk island pine trees yesterday. why the heck do they wanna hear about plants that dont even hav anythin to do with oz? i'll quit my rattin on mum now.
th'smorn i had my 1st drive finally - how funny. no, i didn't crash...
i thought i was gettin better, but im sick again.
at least they'r having a foo fighters concert fest on mmm.

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